Academy of Interactive Entertainment Student Handbook

AIE Student Handbook

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

AIE’s ‘continuous improvement’ procedures are designed to assure the continual improvement of services and facilities to maximize the benefits for current and future students and clients.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, classroom sizes and equipment, administrative and teaching support, accessibility and delivery methods. Opportunities to improve our systems arise in a number of ways:

  • Internal audit
  • Evaluation of students
  • Intranet usage
  • Curriculum Development
  • Industry input and feedback
  • All continuous improvement activities are managed through the Continuous Improvement Register which is administered by the VET Quality Assurance & Compliance Team.

Opportunities for Improvement Procedure

Suggestions submitted to management by intranet, staff meetings or as a result of student evaluation will be implemented after discussions between staff and administration, Head of School and, if necessary , CEO.

Contact with industry, through informal and formal procedures, for the purpose of curriculum development, current industry relevancy requirements and best practice will be implemented throughout the duration of the study year.  Methods used to contact industry include, but are not limited to, email, telephone, industry-led forums both on-line and on-campus.

Curriculum improvements are generally made at the beginning of each semester, but system improvements are continual.

Improvements suggested by student evaluations are implemented as per procedures (see Course/Module Evaluations & Improvements procedures).

Internal audits are conducted at least once a year, or as per internal audit schedule, and improvement recommendations will be implemented by following the relevant procedure (see Internal Audit).