Academy of Interactive Entertainment Student Handbook

AIE Student Handbook

General Information

Student Cards[edit]

AIE students are entitled to a student identification card. This card may entitle you to various concessions and discounts throughout the relevant state in which it was issued.

Eating and drinking in The Classroom[edit]

Eating and drinking in the classroom is generally not permitted but is at your teacher's discretion. Hot food is not permitted in the classroom at any time.

Alcohol and Illegal Substances[edit]

The consumption of alcohol and illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

Kitchen facilities[edit]

AIE allows students to have access to the kitchen facilities. Please be aware that you are responsible for washing up your own plates and cups and that you must leave the kitchen area clean and tidy.

Student Lounge[edit]

AIE provides students with a lounge area for their recreational use. Please make sure that you leave this area clean and tidy.


Music is bound to distract someone and is generally not permitted. However, personal use of a MP3 and/or headphones plugged into your PC may be permitted by teachers.

Mobile Telephones[edit]

Please turn them off or to silent mode before you come into class and take all calls outside the class area. If necessary you can be contacted through the reception phone number of the campus at which you are studying and we can get a message to you. The office telephone can be used for emergency calls only.


AIE equipment needs to be looked after. You should not connect your own equipment to the network without permission. Broken or non functional equipment should be reported to your teacher or administration immediately.


AIE recommends that students attend a minimum of 80% of classes. If you do not attend regularly, you minimise opportunities for contact with other students and teachers. You may miss something vital. You certainly affect teamwork and develop poor work habits. However, sometimes things will go wrong and you will be late or absent. Please ring administration at your campus to let us know just as you would in any work situation.

If you have a medical condition that significantly affects your assessment or learning you may be asked to provide medical certificates. This particularly applies to missed deadlines, extended periods of absence of more than one week or assessment periods that require your presence in class.

First Aid[edit]

If you suddenly feel sick or unwell contact, or ask your teacher to contact, the campus First-Aid Officer in the school administration area. Emergency contact numbers are also posted near administration.


Some excursions may be planned throughout the course and are not included in tuition fees. Although participation is not mandatory, AIE strongly recommends attending, if possible.


You are responsible for looking after your own property and personal belongings. Please be careful with purses, wallets, and personal effects. Lost property should be reported to the Administration Office.


As well as extensive online resources for learners, AIE has a small library at each campus for student use.  Please contact the Administration Office to arrange borrowing of books. The library is available to use at any time during class times, but please do not remove books from library without permission of administration staff.

Staff Availability[edit]

Academic staff are available for consultation with students at each AIE campus during the core hours of operation. The core hours of operation for each campus are 9.00am to 5.00pm each weekday. Academic staff can provide details of their accessibility outside of scheduled class times. Refer to your Course Guide for appropriate contact methods.


AIE Head of School[edit]

The AIE Head of School is there to help you resolve any problems you have regarding your course or academic progress. Do not hesitate to contact them.

The Course[edit]

You are enrolled in a full time course and the conditions you encounter here during training simulate industry experience. You are therefore expected to act as a responsible industry member would in terms of attendance, communication, team work and meeting deadlines.

If you take on paid work which requires your commitment during class hours we are not required to rearrange any class activities or access time. On the contrary, we are required to maintain educational standards, including the assessment standards.

This reflects conditions in the industry; your clients expect your work to be up to standards and on time. Not attending for whatever reason means that your team members do not get your support. We do understand that problems may arise with Youth Allowance, New Start and AUSTUDY, etc, and we will try to support you with these and with other personal and health problems.

If you have any problems, please negotiate time off BEFORE you take it and discuss issues as they arise with a teacher, the Administration Manager or the Head of School.