Academy of Interactive Entertainment Student Handbook

AIE Student Handbook

AIE Network Use Policy

All network and computer access is controlled and monitored by teachers and the AIE IT Manager.

As computers are shared between students, and to reduce the risk of virus or spyware infection, you must not install any software unless explicitly cleared by your teacher or the IT Manager.

It is your responsibility to keep your work safe by following the back-up procedures as directed by your teacher and the IT Manager.

The classroom computers are not backed up. If the computer needs to be rebuilt or replaced, or if a teacher or another student using the computer deletes your files, all data on the computer will be lost. You should take home regular backups of your course work for safe keeping.

Full time students are each allocated 4 GB of personal storage space on the network server (e.g.“S:” drive or "L:" drive in Adelaide). This is backed up weekly, and in most cases can be recovered in the event of a server failure. Reports on drive usage are generated on a regular basis, and if you have gone over the limit you must remove the excess data immediately. If you do not, the IT Manager will delete files until it is under the limit.

All students are encouraged to use a USB storage device for personal storage and regular backup. Your teacher will instruct you on the proper use of other network drives. You should not place files on these drives unless your tutor tells you to.

All storage on the AIE computers and network are only to be used for course-related material. Personal files should be kept on personal media such as a USB flash drive.

The AIE computers and network must not be used in any manner that would be discriminatory, harassing, or obscene, or for any other purpose that is illegal, against AIE policy, or not in the AIE’s best interests.

You should keep your password safe, and log out when you’re not at your computer. You must not “log in” using the username or password of any other student or a staff member, or otherwise attempt to impersonate any other student or staff for any purpose.

Any sort of “hacking”, “cracking” or otherwise attempting to bypass or compromise the security of the AIE computers or network is absolutely forbidden. The AIE will implement full disciplinary measures against any student found to be involved in such activity.

Do not use any area of the AIE network or computers for illegal, offensive or copyright-infringing material. This includes (but is not limited to) mp3 files, pornography (including soft porn, “babes” pictures, and cartoons), movies, animations, TV shows, illegal software (warez, appz, cracks, keygens), offensive or violent web videos, or other material that is not otherwise directly related to your coursework. This type of material will be immediately removed, the offence will be logged, and repeat offenders will be disciplined.

Potentially offensive material that is course-related must be approved by your teacher before storing it on AIE computers or the network, and if it is approved it must be clearly labelled. You must respect the rights of all AIE students and staff to study and work in a non-hostile environment.

Internet access is available to all students. However, usage is limited and governed by rules including, but not limited to, streaming, illegal and inappropriate content and installing unapproved applications. These restrictions apply to ensure fair and appropriate use and access for all. Abuse of these rules will not be tolerated and action will be taken if this occurs.

Because AIE is regularly developing and improving our access to the internet, please refer to your teacher for up-to-date rules.