Academy of Interactive Entertainment Student Handbook

AIE Student Handbook

Rights and Responsibilities

As an AIE student, you have rights and responsibilities and your attention is drawn particularly to the following:

You Have the Right:

  • To a course of study that meets current educational standards of presentation, content and organisation
  • To have your work assessed against the prescribed criteria, in a manner that is prompt and helpful
  • To be treated with respect, in a non-discriminatory way
  • To appeal against any assessment and on any grievance
  • To have your personal information secured from all but those authorised to access it
  • To information which will assist you to choose and manage your study program
  • To accurate information about assessment requirements and criteria
  • To a safe work environment
  • To a positive and helpful learning environment
  • To have access to academic and personal counselling
  • To have your work assessed and feedback provided as quickly as possible
  • To be kept informed of teacher availability for consultation or any other matter that affects your study. Teachers can be available through face-to-face contact either in class or by appointment. Refer to your Course Guide for further information.
  • To be given information about assessment requirements and due dates by the end of second week of study.

It’s Your Responsibility:

  • To establish the place of your study amongst your personal priorities
  • To self evaluate your work before you submit it
  • To treat others with respect
  • To raise and discuss issues which affect the good management of your study program
  • To respect the personal information of others
  • To accept a high degree of responsibility for the management of your own learning
  • To familiarise yourself with the assessment requirements and criteria and to seek clarification where necessary
  • To ensure that the work you submit for assessment is your own work
  • To adhere to occupational health and safety regulations
  • To contribute constructively to the learning of others
  • To take good care of your work environment and equipment
  • To adhere to all regulations and agreements regarding non-disclosure, network and intellectual property.
  • To ensure that your tuition fees are paid on time according to your invoice and/or repayment contract.
  • To familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures contained within this Student Handbook.
  • To make sure you check your emails, intranet and bulletin boards for information which may affect you.